Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark

Emporium, Pennsylvania - United States Air Force

Written by June Caldwell

My paternal uncle, Major Thomas E. Clark of the United States Air Force, was shot down over Laos when I was just seven days shy of my sixth birthday in February 1969.  Tom was flying a F-100D Super Sabre in the 416th Tactical Fighter Squadron in a mission when his aircraft was hit by 23mm artillery fire.  His jet burst into flames.  The pilots in his formation did not observe a parachute as Tom crashed into the jungle.  He was 29 years old.  Tom was returned to his beloved hills of Emporium, PA on October 20, 2011, 42 years later.  His homecoming was a time to heal for our family and community.

If possible, I would like mention a memorial scholarship fund that the family set-up for Cameron County High School graduating seniors who are furthering their education by attending college.  Donations may be sent to:

Major Thomas E. Clark Scholarship Fund

Northwest Savings Bank

2 East Fourth Street

Emporium, PA  15834