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Telling the Pennsylvania Story

Student-submitted Media


William Freiwald by Brady Freiwald and Sean Stuttard

Paul Johnson by Cameron Havens and Jeremiah Crockett

William Eisenhart by Nate Moore

Al Schlectby Dom Fasolo and Andrew Eisel

Joseph Wales by Mia Zlupko and Paige Glasgow

Wayne Wright by Sam Peterson and Elizabeth Bair

Robert Shaner by Hannah Roesch and Peyton Drost

Ollie Kuhns by Johnna Estep and Maeve Wonderly

Rod Bohner by Harley Price and Stevie Webber

George Montgomery by Jonah Zolnak and Jarrett Hann

Jerry McCaulley by Jen Worley and Sidney Yoder

Bill Gregg by Kevin Bartley and Tyler Long

John Gority by Amelia Gority and Abigail Auerbeck

Robert Otto by Marissa Villano and Sydney Weyandt

George Lechner by Zach Kowalski and Ethan Watters

Jim Wutrich by Toni Fama and Makayla Ruggery

Harold Stitt by Sarah Stanley and Taia Esworthy

Mark Biseli by Ali Hollingsworth and Ireland McClellan

Bald Eagle

Surviving the Vietnam War by Heather Huyett, Adazia Mellott, and Dylan Harvey

Gulf of Tonkin by 3rd Period AP Government

Vietnam a Media Portrayal of the War by 11th Period AP Government